Entry #6


2007-09-14 09:01:54 by drums-tech

Number 70 - 67%

In light of my recent increase in academic performance, I felt this was a good topic to illustrate it.

I tried to make the background dimmer so your attention will focus more on the main character.
Since I usually just blast everything with brightest colours I can manage.
I'm impartial as to how it turned out.
It looks more realistic, but also more boring.
: /

Also, I can't draw front doors,
never again will I attempt to.



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2007-10-08 03:59:00

Kinda Simpson-ish. Give him spiky hair and change the paper for a skateboard and it's Bart in the opening credits.

drums-tech responds:

yay! someone noticed :P


2007-10-12 05:07:07

I love your pics. Watching 'em since you started. :)

(Lawl a chink...)

drums-tech responds:

Really? Wow, you have more commitment than me then :P


2007-10-13 00:51:41

lol to bad the thread died >.>

but aw well atleast i can still see the blobs :D
anyways keep up the good work xD i sound like a Retard

drums-tech responds:

The thread was a bit of a bummer, but I don't care :P They're all on my devart anyways. :)


2007-10-16 01:22:08

You could probably make animations with these blobs. After you finish this, of course.

drums-tech responds:

probably, and I'd need to get good at flash at some point too :/


2007-11-02 19:39:26

OMg!! sick pics!! i cant draw blobs =/ i wish i could

drums-tech responds:

Cheers man,

Seriously, these aren't that hard. Practicing is how to get good at drawing,
You'd really be surprised how fast you improve. :)