Number 69 - Annoyance

2007-08-29 10:52:29 by drums-tech

Taken from real world situations!!! :O

That's me and my sister in one of our afternoon conversations,
she'll try to annoy me, and I keep turning my music up.

It's not a ver accurate representation of my room tho,
I have a nice stretch of hallway so I can see when someone approaches
and promptly dive into the door to slam it shut and prevent anyone entering.
Just gotta make sure I remove my headphones first,


Number 69 - Annoyance


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2007-08-29 11:07:20

WOW! It's good to see you back form what I'm sure was a legitimate reason for not drawing for ages.

And to present us with such an awesome picture as your first offering is just so amazing,
you're like a god to us drums-tech!!!



2007-08-29 11:09:41

stop being such a kiss-ass Mr 1st post,
ur such a fag.


2007-08-29 11:19:58

now you have a post from some one who's not you...

really good artwork though i have been through all of your picture's on the 100 picture's in 100 day's and the are all realy good i really like the inoccenc one she is just so damn cute XD
well yeah and this one is really good also i laughed alot well not alot but meade me smile and chuckle

drums-tech responds:

Impossible, i AM everyone.

Cheers :)