Pelvic thrusts are cruise control for awesome

2007-08-26 02:27:12 by drums-tech

That emoticon was the sexiest I could find.

Sorry to anyone who cares about my inactivity,
I just sort of lost motivation to finish my blobs thing.
I felt like I was just making the art for everyone else,
And not because I wanted to.

I'm passive resistive, what can I say.
I also think I'd like to post the pictures here in my news posts instead, since they are only 300 x 300.
Also considering how my thread is now just a big testament to my epic fail of 100 days.
I should just stop setting deadlines for myself.
Speaking of which, I have to go finish an assignment about logo's and logotypes, in reference to Ann C Tyler's essay,


Pelvic thrusts are cruise control for awesome


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2007-08-27 22:30:34

YOU'RE sexy.

drums-tech responds:

Thanks hunneh-buns ;)


2007-08-29 06:52:02

eewwwww :(

drums-tech responds:

by default


2007-09-09 23:55:29

You made it to 69 drawings, that's about 69 more than I've submitted!

Besides, it's not doing 100 things that's important, it's what you learned doing those 100 things. By now you've probably learned just about all you can from drawing blobs, so there's really not much point to doing any more.

drums-tech responds:

Thanks :)

I still would like to finish it, i just have a whole lot of other art projects that fill up my head, and I want to get them done so they are out of there.

damn my attention span, DAMN IT!