Entry #1

I like the new design

2007-07-17 22:42:03 by drums-tech

It's true

It fixes all the problems I found with the old site

- The lightbox stops pointless windows opening
- The portal info boxes look good
- And I like having all these spaces for pictures to put around the place

Yep, it's a good year.

Okay, I'm aiming for level 14 now, coz that hammer is kickass, (I'd aim for level 44, but, baby steps)


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2007-07-18 13:07:51

You know if they waited about 20 something day, id be alot higher level than i am now :( But, good luck with lvl 14 and your damned thread thats taking years!! >:U

drums-tech responds:


Well why don't you make your own 100 picture thread?
Then you can finish it whenever you want :D


2007-08-24 17:31:27

I am definetly taking the awesome challenge, and it shall be, with VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS!!!!!! i was wondering what format it should be in and then when i looked at the blobs i thought of kirby, so i thought for a few minutes, then the lightbulb went on "VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS!!!!!"

drums-tech responds:


good luck with it :)