2007-09-14 09:01:54 by drums-tech

Number 70 - 67%

In light of my recent increase in academic performance, I felt this was a good topic to illustrate it.

I tried to make the background dimmer so your attention will focus more on the main character.
Since I usually just blast everything with brightest colours I can manage.
I'm impartial as to how it turned out.
It looks more realistic, but also more boring.
: /

Also, I can't draw front doors,
never again will I attempt to.


I made art on an oekaki
(Thats a drawing board for those, not-in-the-know)

Go here to see it in animated glory
Browse some of the other pictures too :)

Ancient 4 Corners fighting technique


2007-09-08 20:42:09 by drums-tech

I enjoy oekaki


Number 69 - Annoyance

2007-08-29 10:52:29 by drums-tech

Taken from real world situations!!! :O

That's me and my sister in one of our afternoon conversations,
she'll try to annoy me, and I keep turning my music up.

It's not a ver accurate representation of my room tho,
I have a nice stretch of hallway so I can see when someone approaches
and promptly dive into the door to slam it shut and prevent anyone entering.
Just gotta make sure I remove my headphones first,


Number 69 - Annoyance

That emoticon was the sexiest I could find.

Sorry to anyone who cares about my inactivity,
I just sort of lost motivation to finish my blobs thing.
I felt like I was just making the art for everyone else,
And not because I wanted to.

I'm passive resistive, what can I say.
I also think I'd like to post the pictures here in my news posts instead, since they are only 300 x 300.
Also considering how my thread is now just a big testament to my epic fail of 100 days.
I should just stop setting deadlines for myself.
Speaking of which, I have to go finish an assignment about logo's and logotypes, in reference to Ann C Tyler's essay,


Pelvic thrusts are cruise control for awesome

I like the new design

2007-07-17 22:42:03 by drums-tech

It's true

It fixes all the problems I found with the old site

- The lightbox stops pointless windows opening
- The portal info boxes look good
- And I like having all these spaces for pictures to put around the place

Yep, it's a good year.

Okay, I'm aiming for level 14 now, coz that hammer is kickass, (I'd aim for level 44, but, baby steps)